According to a study, 20% would give anything to give a presentation. This includes pretending to be ill. 75% want to improve the quality of their presentations. This gap can be bridged by training in presentation skills at work. Employees can learn presentation skills training in Melbourne to improve their skills and have the confidence to give professional presentations. 

Learn how to present skills to your employees:

There are many benefits to presenting skills training to employees. They don’t all need to be better presented, surprisingly.  

Career Success & Growth Opportunities 

The key to unlocking career opportunities for individuals and allowing them to realize their potential is to be able to present well. Avoiding giving presentations reduces the likelihood of being promoted and given opportunities to climb up. Those who deliver great presentations stand out and are noticed. 

Better Business & Client Success 

Employers and clients can be more successful if they have employees who are proficient in presentation skills. They will communicate more effectively and more dynamically, which can make them more attractive to potential clients. This can result in more efficient meetings or better administration.

Staff retention and motivation are improved 

It can help increase employee retention and morale by teaching presentation skills. Employees will feel more satisfied if they have the opportunity to grow and learn within the company. This makes them less likely to seek out other opportunities. 

Increased confidence and better communication

It doesn’t matter what job or industry, everyone has to give presentations at least once in their career. Even though giving presentations isn’t an essential job requirement, employees can benefit from training in presentation skills. This training can improve self-esteem confidence and communication skills on an everyday basis. Presentation skills training can help individuals communicate with others. These skills can also serve other communication purposes such as delivering presentations.  

Presentation skills training to employees – What will they learn: 

You might be interested to know what presentation skills your employees learn if they are interested in being trained. 


When it comes to giving presentations, you are likely to have heard the phrase “failure in preparation, failure to plan”. Preparation is key when giving a presentation. Your team can benefit from presentation skills training courses to help them understand their audience and overcome nerves. 


The emphasis now shifts away from preparation and onto how the message is delivered. Employees can learn to communicate effectively using body language and voice with their audience, how to build rapport and how to increase energy as well as speed. Your staff will be able to deliver a compelling and inspiring message with these skills. 

For anyone who is going to address the media, they must have some training in media communication. This is especially true if you are interviewing a business or organization. No matter if you are the CEO or owner of a corporation, media training is essential. It is important to learn how to answer questions and communicate intelligently with media when you have an interaction with them.

Media Training Melbourne offers a range of options for training, including face-to-face workshops and eLearning. There are many options available for training that will fit all learning styles. Reach out to us to speak with a member of staff, or send an inquiry. We will respond promptly.