Media Training Melbourne

Media training is essential for anyone addressing the media, especially in an interview scenario where you are representing a business or organisation . Whether you’re the CEO of a corporate company or a small business owner. If you have an upcoming interaction with the of media, you need to know how to navigate questions and respond intelligently. 

We offer advanced presentation training in melbourne from professional journalists and media producers that provide a new level of insight and experience to your spokesperson. Our presentation skills training melbourne course is a complete guide to modern day presentation techniques. Learn how to control the conversation and navigate difficult or direct questions.

Learn to use you hands and become and exceptional communicator. In this interview coaching program, you’ll learn trade secrets from media veterans. Journalist and news presenter – Dean, coaches you from an insiders perspective.  Participants gain an insight into all the do’s and don’ts during an interview. The training includes a workshop with real world scenarios and instant feedback. We even bring lights, cameras and microphones so the training is as close to reality as possible. This is how we guarantee you’ll be prepared.


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Meet your Media Training Coach – Dean Allen-Craig

Dean Allen-Craig is a media veteran with decades of experience in Australian journalism, interviewing, TV presenting and video production. With over 40 years experience in the industry, few people know as many trade secrets.
Dean has coached media sensations such as ‘BT’ … Brian Taylor and news presenter Jane Bunn.

Dean was a journalist for channel 7 for years before starting his own media business alongside this coaching program – DAC Media Training Melbourne.  
He has interviewed the likes of Roger Federer and Serena Williams for the Australian Open tennis tournament and directed Hollywood actors like William H Macy.

He has also filmed and interviewed international rock stars such as Neil Diamond. Needless to say, Dean Allen-Craig is one of the most seasoned media professionals Melbourne has to offer. If you’d like to learn how to control an interview, guide the conversation towards your key messages, handle difficult questions and represent you and your brand in the best possible light, give us a call today. We provide free quotes for your media training requirements via the form on this website.

Lights Camera Action! During the interview workshop you will get to put your new interview skills straight to the test, with an interview with our professional journalist. It will be filmed and lit so you get to trail the real experience of being in front of a camera.

You will be asked a range of questions relevant to your key messages, and you’ll have your instincts pushed, with curveball questions thrown in, and maybe the occasional accusation – we want you to be ready to keep your cool in the real world! But the best bit is you get to try again. Practice makes perfect after all.

As a team we will watch the interviews back and workshop what worked well and what was hard. Did you get your key message across? Did you get defensive or were you able to be stern yet diplomatic? These are the skills essential to effective public relations, whether you’re dealing with crisis management or a seemingly simple press release, we want to make sure you’re prepared.

Crisis Management Training Melbourne

A crisis in your business is stressful, often high stakes, and sometimes above your area of expertise in dealing with it. That’s where we come in. Our crisis management training Melbourne covers a range of scenarios and we can tailor it to address your situation.

With real world exercises, we address the elephant in the room, anticipating the questions you’re going to get put on the spot with whilst providing support in how to answer them. By learning how to deal with the media when it comes to crisis communication skills is an essential asset when responding to or recovering from your crisis.

When it comes to crisis management training, we can assist in helping prevent or reduce legal liability by offering supported coaching in addressing your companies brand, position or reputation – words are powerful and we can help you put them to safe use.

Crisis management media training assists you in getting control of the situation, offering media training to your company representatives or incident managers who may be finding themselves in the medias cross hairs is essential when responding to critical situations. Managing and being in control of an interview, and keeping calm under pressure are key components of dealing with the media in these situations.

We empathise with the difficulty of crisis management situations and are here to help you navigate the world of press conferences, press releases, interviews and a range of other media situations you need our expertise for.

Executive Media Training

Media training supports you in developing the skills to master the media. We want you to know how to manage your relationship with the media from the moment you step out of our training room. In our executive media training you will be coached in presentation skills, operating under pressure and the do’s and don’ts of dealing with the media.

Executive Media Training coaches you through addressing nervous energy, we understand the pressure of getting in front of a camera or a tape recorder, standing in front of media packs, being put on the spot and still delivering key messages. You will learn about media grabs, the pitfalls of “off the record”, and the importance of acknowledgement.

The benefits of effective preparation for your media interaction(s) will be obvious to the media professionals addressing you. The live scenario training prepares you for operating under pressure, providing expertise on what to strive for and what to avoid.

CEO media training is offered for honing your leadership skills particularly when providing a presentation, we want you to show us what you’re capable of and for us to help you shape it into the skill set required for managing media interactions. We offer Zoom interview training as well as our in person training.

Spokesperson Media Training

Are you the spokesperson for your company, or in charge of helping your employees address the media? That’s why you need us. Our Spokesperson Media Training offers you coaching from professionals in the media field. We will teach you strategies for answering difficult questions, and then give you a go on the pointy end of an interview with our journalists who’s had over 30 years in the news industry. You will develop techniques for staying focused, sticking to key messages and representing your brand or your company just how you need it to be represented.

Working with the media is not just about what you say, it’s just as much how you say it. We will coach you in body language, hand and gesture use, tone of voice, choice of language, and expressions – confidence is key when it comes to media relations as much as remaining calm and respectful. With practice in our live scenario training and time spent preparing for an interview, we’re confident you’ll reach your target audience with authentic credibility and deliver the key messages you need to get across.

In the middle of a crisis? We can help – our training is able to be tailored to suit your needs, see our Crisis Management Training section for further details.

We offer Zoom interview training as well as our in person training.